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Solution 4: Corporate Clients

We can seaminglessly integrate our system into your business- be it a Bank, Hospital, Car sale etc and you can start using the system to keep in touch with your clients at a very low SMS rate. The integrated SMS system is branded in accordance

with your company corporate colours and logo and you get full control access enabling you to manage the system and your clients

This gives you an added advantage over your competitors as you can reach all your clients directly on their cellphones, at an affordable price with direct marketing and personalised with their account details. You set your own senderID/ senderName as the source number for the messages. (A sender name is the source number or word that reflects on the recipients cellphone as the sender). Examples include

  1. "" as an example for our sms platform
  2. "GT CarSale" if you a running a car sale
  3. "health plc" if you a rerunning a pharmacy or similar
  4. "truworths" for retail shops like Truworths
  5. "FBC Bank" for banks to their mobile banking clients etc

We wllow you to set a maximum of 5 senderIDs to create more flexibility. For pricing and more information on corporate branding send an email to: info[at] (We left the @ symbol to avoid spam attackers