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Solution 3: Demographic BulkSMS

Our systems enable us to target different markets by demographic grouping based on age, location, profession, gender and interest thus making your SMS advert campaign reach a specific targeted group of your choice. Such advertising is more efficient

and has a high conversion ratio as your advert will reach the target market of your choice. Our demographic grouping is categorised as follows:

Demography Example for use
Gender Send a football advert to males only
Age Group Send a WinkyD show campaign to the 18- 25 age group
Location/ City Send a Bulawayo event notification to Bulawayo residents only
Profession Send a tobacco advert to farmers only
Interest Send adverts targeting a certain interest
Mix n Match of the above Send an advert to female accountants of the 30- 40 age group who live in Harare & Bulawayo and have an interest in Business networking
NOTE: These users have all consented to their information being used for advertising purposes therefore we can advertise to their cellphone numbers or emails on your behalf.

You do not need to have your own cellphone number database for this as we will use ours but due to data protection act, we cannot disclose this database to you

There are two types of this services:
Targeted Demographic SMS Advertising
As explained above, we can advertise to a specific demographic group according to your requirements

Untargeted Demographic SMS Advertising

We can blow out tens of thousands of sms to every user on your behalf without considering the demographic grouping ie to every number in our database depending on the quantity


Our pricing is exactly the same as the eTEXT BulkSMS Platform pricing (seen in the pricing box at the very bottom). The difference is that there is an additional setup Fee depending on the demographic grouping chosen. The more mix and match demographic combination you make the more pricey it becomes

Mix n Match Setup Cost Explanation
0 Demographic Grouping $5.00 Send to any numbers
1 Demographic Grouping $10.00 females only or people in Harare only or 40- 50 age group only etc
2 Demographic Grouping $15.00 females who are accountants
3 Demographic Grouping $20.00 female acountants who live in Bulawayo
4 Demographic Grouping $25.00 25- 30 yr old female acountants who live in Bulawayo
5 Demographic Grouping $30.00 25- 30 yr old female acountants who live in Bulawayo and have an interest in Business networking
The actual SMS rates are the same as for eTEXT BulkSMS as seen below


Demographic SMS Pricing
Quantity Pricing (rate)
<167 N/A- min 167
167- 999 3.0 c/msg
1000- 3999 2.9 c/msg
4000- 9999 2.8 c/msg
10 000- 19 999 2.65 c/msg
20 000- 49 999 2.5 c/msg
50 000- 99 999 2.3 c/msg
> 100 000 Contact Us