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Solution 5: SMS Resellers

For those who want to run their own SMS business, our Reseller package is the perfect solution. We provide you with your own unbranded website portal and offer you SMS rates for as low as 1.9c/msg giving you the flexibility to set your own markup. One of our resellers is trading at 5cents/msg thus making a 163% profit or 3.1cents profit per message. We give you the full technical support on the reseller platform with all the following features:

  1. Unbranded portal fully functional websie, see our demo here
  2. Free 24/7 hosting on our UK 99.9% uptime servers through
  3. 37% discount on our sms rates ie from 3c to 1.9c/msg
  4. Ability to have an unlimited number of customers on your website portal
  5. Manage all customer accounts including transferring purchased SMS credits into their accounts
  6. Paypal and Google talk online payment integration for your customers to be able to buy SMS from you
  7. Send BulkSMS from a CSV or textfile
  8. Send Personalised SMS
  9. Check delivery reports of your SMS
  10. Resend or Forward sent messages
  11. Create message templates making composing easier
  12. No adverts on your sent SMS
  13. Full message length of 160 characters

Reseller Pricing

Reseller Component Features Pricing
Setup Fee Website portal design
Admin user Account setup
$35/once off
Monthly Fee

Technical support
Maintenance support
Website hosting

Initial Total

* Minimum SMS Quantity purchased per month must be 2000 SMS (at 1.9cents/msg)
* Non payment of the monthly fee will result in the suspension of the website and account