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Solution 2: eTEXT & BulkSMS Platform

eTEXT & BulkSMS is the commercial side of FREE SMS Zimbabwe available at and allows texting at (2- 3c/msg) without the limitations found here on FREE SMS Zimbabwe ( Our etext platform has a lot of

features namely:

  • Set your own sender names upto a maximum of 5 with a possibility of more
  • Send BulkSMS from a CSV or textfile
  • You can schedule SMS to be delivered at your own chosen time
  • Transfer SMS credit to your friends & family
  • Buy SMS online using a credit or debit card
  • Send Personalised SMS
  • Send BulkSMS in one go eg 1000 SMS at once
  • Resend or Forward sent messages
  • Check delivery reports of your SMS
  • Have your own SMS subscriber groups
  • Create message templates making sms composing easier
  • Add contacts in bulk to your online address book
  • Open to everyone including non +263 prefix holders
  • No adverts on your sent SMS
  • Full message length of 160 characters
  • No 24hr same sender number limitation

Pricing on our Etext BulkSMS Service

eText BulkSMS Pricing
Quantity Pricing (rate)
<125 N/A- min 125
125- 999 4.0 c/msg
1000- 3999 3.8 c/msg
4000- 9999 3.5 c/msg
10 000- 19 999 3.3 c/msg
20 000- 49 999 3.0 c/msg
50 000- 99 999 2.8 c/msg
> 100 000 Contact Us
Join our Reseller packages for lower rates


Visit eTEXT platform and create an account